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The Research Library

We've created a collection of some of the most relevant and notable research in the addiction industry that has helped us shape they way we treat our patients.


We will continuously update and include summaries of the findings here. 

Opioid Abuse

1. The Moral Hazard of Lifesaving Innovations: Naloxone Access, Opioid Abuse, and Crime:

The effects of access to a life saving treatment Nalaxone were studied to possibly encourage risky behavior and increase opioid abuse.

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The argument against this research is that the study was flawed by not sufficiently controlling for factors of laws increasing access to Nalaxone. The research resembles the studies of the automobile industry when seat belt laws were enacted that resulted in more dangerous driving by individuals due to 'feeling safer.

Another study released by NBER actually says the opposite that Nalaxone access laws have help reduce deaths:

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2. Results of Naltraxone, Buprenorphine Randomized Trials Shared:

Although more difficult to start, Naltraxone injections found to be equally as effective as buprenorphine (suboxone).


Naltraxone also found to reduce opioid craving, thoughts about heroin, chronic pain, and insomnia more than buprenorphine (suboxone)

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