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FARR Certified Level III Recovery Residence

Bluebird Residences

Our Partner BlueBird Residences

BlueBird Residences is a one-of-a-kind 40 person private sober housing community in the heart of downtown Lake Worth, Florida. This isn't just any community, but a designed environment for recovery.


Jobs, 12 step meetings, Beaches, Parks, Grocery Stores, Pharmacy, all within arms reach. Check out one of the local events:




Bluebird Residences is also a Florida Association of Recovery Residences (FARR) certified Level III Recovery Residence, which provides 24 hour oversight for the residents, and meets the state and national standards for certification.

The community is large enough to feel like being a part of a bigger community, however small enough to receive individualized care and form long lasting sober support. 


Quarterly surveys are completed to assess the environment of care. Over 500 prior residents have said the following:


rated their community as supportive or very supportive
voted they are in a "healthy" or "very healthy" environment for recovery
felt they are in a location that can provide opportunity for work within a walking distance
Results show that residents felt the community was equally important as 12 step meetings, family support, and treatment programs
*Survey results were conducted quarterly over a one year timeframe among 500 respondents anonymously

How do we do it?

By setting the goal of being independent in life

                         Finding a job

                              Attending Support Meetings (12 step, etc.)

                                     Being part of a healthy community


                                           Taking prescription medicine responsibly

                                      Having sober fun


                              Building new habits and routines


                         Building discipline and learning to take responsibility                               


Evidence Based Research

The community design and culture is based off research on effective long term sobriety studies of community environments such as therapeutic communities and Oxford homes. Some of the important elements of the community that are backed by research:


        Living in a community that engages in mutual-help is seen as a mechanism for changing their overall lifestyle and identity         (De Leon, 2000; De Leon 2015)

        Positive peer communications in a mutual-help environment are important parts of the therapeutic process

        (Warren et al. 2013b)

        A key element is the development of social networks through positive social interactions and bonding can offer support             during treatment and after leaving the formal treatment environment (Warren et al. 2013a)

       NIH funded research proving Oxford House homes provide an effective community setting and appropriate for a variety of        individuals recovering from substance abuse, including those with histories of legal involvement and co-occurring mental            health conditions. (

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