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Clinical Programs

Best in class treatment

We take pride in our program and place the highest priority for safety and clinical outcomes for our clients. As a joint commissioned accredited facility, we uphold to the highest standards in the industry and stay atop the latest developments, including medication assisted treatment. The industry is different than it was 10 years or even 1 year ago. You need a program that can keep up.

An inside look at how we operate

We attack mental health and addiction with a focus on two areas: clinical programs and the environment of care. The clinical programs address the psychological part of mental health and addiction through therapy. The environment of care is the focus on the entire experience: the setting, community, structure, and day to day behaviors that shape the client's pathway towards success. The environment of care is designed to build new habits and healthy routines like attending support groups, finding work, implementing life skills, and rebuilding a new social support system.  

We take addiction seriously and the results show. Don't take our word for it, here are the survey results of over 800 previous clients: 

rated the quality of staff as "meeting" or "exceeding expectations"
Consistently feel they are making significant progress towards their treatment goals
Feel most comfortable with sharing in group sizes of 8-12 people
would recommend us to others
*Survey results were conducted quarterly over a one year timeframe among 500 respondents anonymously
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