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Addiction Treatment Services

Intensive Outpatient Program and Outpatient Program

Intensive Outpatient Program: One individual session per week with your primary therapist

3-5 group therapy sessions per week with a group facilitator

Outpatient Program: One individual session per week with your primary therapist

1-2 group therapy sessions per week with a group facilitator

Physician and Medical Services

All clients receive health and physicals from the Medical Director, including assessments for disease, harm risk, and nutrition. Ongoing follow up appointments are also available for those in need. A psychiatric nurse practitioner is also seen for an evaluation for undiagnosed conditions or for a treatment plan of existing psychiatric conditions. 

Depending on medical necessity, some Medication Assisted Treatment drugs may be discussed or administered such as anti-craving medication.

Monthly Medication Assisted Treatment Program

After admission, a Medical Director will assess if you are a candidate for medication assisted treatment in the form of an anti-craving medication that is used to prevent relapses for opioids or alcohol. Clients receiving these medications still complete the counseling sessions as part of the IOP and OP curriculums.

Vivitrol or oral Naltrexone may be prescribed, which are medications given as injection or oral delivery. These medications are monitored and delivered monthly for those that are prescribed. 

What is Vivitrol: Click Here

How Vivitrol works: Click Here

Individual Therapy Sessions

Our individual therapy sessions are one hour, confidential, private appointments with your primary therapists. All therapists are highly trained, educated, and experience in addiction and assigned to you for the entire program. Primary therapists are either masters level educated, Certified Addiction Professional Credentialed (CAP) and/or Licensed Psychologists. 

Group Therapy Sessions

Group therapy sessions are conducted by a group facilitator among a group of 8-12 other clients being treated for addiction. All groups are confidential, private, and engaging. Daytime groups schedules and evening night schedules are available. Topics include: relapse prevention, Stress Management, Psychoeducational Topics, Life Skills, Belief Systems, and Process Groups

Case Management

A dedicated case manager is available for assistance with food stamps, ID cards, court and legal documentation, espongement verification, and and more. 

Vocational Counseling

The vocational counselor sees clients for resume writing, job applications, interviewing guidance and career assistance.

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